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January 24, 2022 5 min read

There are thousands of office spaces all over the world. But, whether it is at a large corporate office or your home office, no one wants to spend time in a place that looks boring.

Offices are a place of work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a place that will make you feel comfortable and at home as well. So, we compiled a list of 9 inspirational wall decor ideas for you to use. But first, let’s look at the reasons why you would want to decorate your office. 

Why Should You Decorate Your Office Walls?

Decorating your office walls is important because it can help motivate you to stay within the room. Inspirational wall decor for the office includes quotes, posters, and much more that will keep you motivated. It keeps you focused on working rather than daydreaming about what else you could be doing with your time.

Too much time spent thinking may lead to laziness. You won’t want to do anything but sit around if there isn’t anything stimulating enough to get you up and on the go. Inspiring office decor is an excellent way of encouraging yourself to remain active throughout the workday.

How To Decorate Your Office Wall

Having some simple wallpaper or interior murals tacked onto your office walls is already a boost in mood and productivity that some employees need. Still, many other options will make it even more lively. 

Let’s take a look at some of these awesome ideas to get you ready for work. 

Items Related To Your Business

A great way to decorate your office walls is to add something related to your job. For example, if you own a fitness studio, you can decorate the walls with exercise equipment and products related to physical health.

Wall decor for home offices is usually more effective when related to what you do daily. The options are endless when using this tactic because each business has something related to what they do. For example, a clothes manufacturer can have an old sewing machine placed on their wall; a music producer can have a few records or pin a few limited-edition cans to the wall if you work in the soda industry. Anything will work and can bring inspiration. 

A small & inspired chalkboard


Chalkboards are a staple wall decor idea for businesses. You can use a chalkboard as a to-do list, an inspiration board, or even just notes on what you need around the office space.

You may not believe it, but you can become more productive by using a chalkboard and creating daily lists and inspirational quotes. It’s easy to put up, and there is no risk of you forgetting about it because it will always remain in your vision as long as you stay at the office.

Motivational Posters

These can be just about anything that will inspire you to work harder and become more focused. Inspirational quotes are popular, but it’s better to use objects or people that have inspired you in the past.

For example, you can create a poster with a scene from a movie you loved and hang it up on the wall next to your desk. It doesn’t have to be related directly to what you do daily.

Three movie posters hanging on a wall.


Shelves are perfect for placing little knick-knacks that you love from around your house. Maybe there is a shelf that has been collecting dust in your home or living room, and instead, put it to use while working. You can display figurines, souvenirs from various journeys, and even paintings for all to see.

An office space filled with fully stacked shelves

A fully stocked shelf can add color to otherwise dull office spaces and inspire the people who look at it every day to do their best work. In addition, you can consider adding plants when using this method because they will naturally bring a different feel to the area. Not to mention that shelves will add some space where you can pack files or documents, as long as they also look decorative. 

Wall Stickers

Stickers can be applied to any part of office space, as long as the manager approves it (or you have a home office). Stickers are ideal for adding color to a dull wall or creating patterns that motivate staff members.

The best part is you can create wall stickers at home with minimal effort, especially if it’s something simple like quotes. Inspirational phrases are great to stick on walls because they will catch people off guard and give them something motivational to read every day when they walk into work.

Hobby Related Art

If you have a passion for photography or painting, applying the hobby to your office space is a terrific way to inspire yourself and others. For example, if you love nature photography, put up pictures of landscapes that motivate everyone to go out into the green every day because there will always be something new to experience.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can also apply hobby-related art pieces by using old paintings, sketches, and even embroidery pieces, creating a unique environment within the office walls. It doesn’t end there; if you are a music lover and have an old or broken instrument around, it can be a fantastic addition to your office wall. 

Decorative guitar hanging from a wall.

Clocks And Creative Calendars

Crazy calendars and clocks can be a fun addition to any office wall. They don’t have to conform to a specific theme, and they will give the impression that you are a creative person who loves time-related items.

You can even put up a regular clock or calendar that has some crazy time on it because nobody has the same sense of time as anyone else. 


Adding pictures of family and friends to your office walls can create a more homely environment where employees feel like they are doing work for people they love. It doesn’t matter if the pictures are of older people or loved ones; what matters is that it feels like home.

Employees themselves can also take pictures to add some personal style into their office because there is nothing better than working for yourself and putting your mark on the place you spend most of your time in.

Stunning Canvas Wall Art

Canvas paintings can be a perfect way of creating a creative environment in an office. They are also the easiest to put up because all you need is a clean wall and maybe someone to help hold the painting while you nail it to the wall with nails or hooks.

Apart from being easy to place, you can easily replace or switch them out if you have more than one. Canvas wall art also has endless possibilities because it can accommodate any person. Here are a few stunning canvas prints that you can use in your office:

A canvas print of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. There are trees, mountains, and a beautiful lake.

A canvas print of a humming bird approaching a pink flower.
A canvas print of a bears silhouette overlooking a forest.
A canvas print of the world with each countries name written out in the shape of the country. It is hanging on an office wall.

Find Your Motivation

Now you have nine ways to decorate an office, start taking apart rooms, and build unique spaces for yourself and your employees. All it takes is some creativity and time, so there’s no excuse for having dull walls that reflect nothing about who you are as a person or what you do as a company. 

Inspiration is everywhere, and it’s up to you to find your motivation. If you want more tips on how to decorate your walls, visit our blog. Otherwise, look at our stunning canvas prints for some excellent decor products.