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February 24, 2022 5 min read

Are your walls just begging for a bit of personality? Are you unsure how to decorate a room with gray walls? Don't worry; we've got you covered.

With these ten helpful tips, you'll be able to turn your boring grey walls into a beautiful and stylish space in no time. However, we first need to understand your room's gray before giving away the secrets. Let's get started.

Which Gray Are You Using?

The first step to decorating a room with grey walls is determining which tone of grey you are using. Even though gray is generally neutral, there are still many different shades of gray.

Warm-toned grays have a yellow, orange, or red undertone, making them seem cozier. They, at times, even look like beige. Cooler-toned grays have a blue, green, or purple undertone. Many gray shades come off one tone or the other, so it's essential to look at both tones side by side to know what effect each will have on the room.

Shades of grey allow for a wide range of artistic freedom. Drawing on the walls with chalk is an easy way to test different color schemes before committing to one. Now that you know about the tones let's focus on the tips.

10 Helpful Tips

When decorating a room with gray walls, making a warm and inviting space is often tricky. Even worse is the feeling of trying to paint the room only to lose the excellent gray color that you love so much. So, here are ten tips that will make your living space irresistible.

Introduce Metallics

Gray room with some metallic features

Metallics will help break up the monotony from having an entire room painted in one tone. It could be as simple as bringing a metallic lamp into the corner or using metal accent furniture pieces that bring interest and warmth into your otherwise cold or sterile-feeling room.

Bring In Some Warm Tones

A gray room with some wooden features

Almost as if it were a counterbalance to the coldness of the gray walls, using some warm tones will help your room feel more inviting. Here are three materials you can use here:

  • Wooden chairs or tables
  • Leather upholstery
  • Warm colored rugs

Bringing in items with warm tones, whether it's your accessories or accents on the wall, will help balance out your space.

Add Some Stones And Crystal

Anything like crystals, stones, marble, or even glass can help bring light into your space. For example, you could use clear vases for flowers or candles throughout the room, but make sure to group them rather than spread them out. You must give off a feeling of cohesion throughout the entire space.

Incorporate More Colors

A gray room with some colorful frames and squares

When decorating a room with gray walls, it's all too easy to lose diversity and interest by painting everything in shades of grey. 

Gray is a neutral color, and so it plays nice with most other colors. However, that doesn't mean gray didn't choose favorites. To match with another color, you need to know whether it is warm-toned or cold-toned gray. Once you have gained this knowledge, it is simple, warm likes warm, and cold likes cold.

  • Warm-toned gray matches: blush pink, burnt orange, butter yellow, and taupe.
  • Cold-toned gray matches: Cool whites, navy blue, and sage green.

As long as you keep the tones with similar colors, you will make your room pop.

Incorporate Draperies

Draperies are an excellent way to infuse your gray walls with the warmth you're looking for. Whether they're white, black, or any color in between (including shades of grey), drapes will offer that perfect finishing touch that's needed to complete the look.

Consider An Accent Wall

A gray accent wall in a nursery

Creating an accent wall will make your gray walls the star of the show. If you want to get even more creative, paint some of your walls white or another contrasting color - this will make it easy for you to create a fun and innovative design on one (or more) of your walls. You can use almost anything as inspiration:

  • Quotes
  • Photos
  • Hobbies (Bicycles, instruments, paintings)

Like the accent wall, you can also create a mural on the wall. Again, it is an excellent way to incorporate art with your gray.

Add Paneling

A gray room with orange features

If the gray walls in your space are reasonably neutral and don't lean too much to a specific tone, you can add some paneling to make it more interesting. You can use a contrasting color in your paneling or a shade of gray that is similar in tone to the wall itself. Either way, this will create interest and diversity without overwhelming the room.

Make The Room Modern

A modernized gray room

Adding modernity to your room is another way to decorate a room with gray walls. If you bring in some geometric furniture items or choose modern art, this will help create interest and broaden the look of your space.

Accessorize Smartly

Gray room with green features

When it comes to accessorizing, keep in mind that less is more. Too many accessories and accents can make a room look cluttered, overwhelming, and less stylish. Instead, try to strike a balance between sophistication and minimalism.

Hang A Stunning Canvas Print

Adding a striking Canvas print or poster to your wall will make an excellent focal point. It is one of the simplest ways to decorate a room with gray walls, but it often impacts the most.

A bonus of using canvas prints is that they are easy to exchange, and there are many options to choose from. At Stunning Canvas Prints, we have only the best quality. Here are a few options that will work great with your gray room:

For those intrigued by aviation, why not add an aircraft propeller canvas print.

An aircraft propeller canvas print on a gray wall


If aircraft art pieces aren’t your thing, not to worry, we have a massive selection to choose from. This Miami Skyline Wall Art piece is a great example, allowing you to get lost in the city lights.

A Miami Skyline Wall Art set on a gray wall


Finally, for those seeking a print that brings purity, look at our black mustang canvas print.

A black mustang canvas print on a gray wall


What Not To Do When Decorating Gray Walls

You know have an array of helpful tips to guide you through your decorating process, but what should you avoid? Here are some things that you shouldn't do when decorating a gray wall:

  • Avoid bringing in too many patterns. Because gray is a neutral color, it will get lost if you use too much pattern.
  • Don't layer your furniture on top of each other. Layering can be helpful when decorating with browns and different darker colors, but gray doesn't work well with this technique due to its more subtle tone.
  • Don't use too many bright colors. Although it is one of the best ways to decorate a room with gray walls, you should do it sparingly since too much of a good thing will make the space feel overwhelming in this case.
  • Avoid using accessories and accents with dark colors. Darker-colored items don't always match well with gray. Instead, opt for lighter colors.


Although gray may seem like a difficult color to work with, following these simple tips can help you create a beautiful and stylish space. By selecting the proper shades of gray and using complementary colors and textures, you can make your room feel warm and inviting.

Be sure to visit our website for more stunning canvas art prints that bring character to any room. Otherwise, for more decoration tips, visit our blog.