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December 27, 2021 5 min read

Has your teenager been asking whether they can revamp their room, and you think it might be time for a fresh look for their bedroom wall? We compiled a list of ideas for you to read through and find the one that works best for your teen. 

Your room isn’t just a place you sleep; it is like a small home inside your house. It is the place you go to be on your own, away from the rest of the world. It is both private and public, depending on your preference, of course. But, most of all, it is a place to be safe. 

That is why your teen needs to make it their own, express themselves and fill it with all the things they love. So, read on to see ways you can spruce up their bedroom wall to give it the pizzazz they deserve. 

Your ten best teenage room wall décor ideas

Accent lighting

Let me shed some light on the subject, by which I naturally mean your teenager's bedroom wall. Accent lights are an excellent way to give any room the aesthetic you want. 

An example of such lighting is getting fairy lights, for instance, and attaching them all along the wall. Not only will this add a bit of a twinkle to the wall, but it is also a great place to hang photographs. 

A bedroom with some decorative lights hanging from the wall.

If you aren’t ready to go all out and spend a lot of money on decorative lighting, there’s one thing you can do: install some small lamps. It will give their room an intimate feel. Also, accent lights can serve as good mood lighting without spending too much money. Plus, who says those lights have to be dim? On the contrary, you can even put up some cool flex lamps with adjustable necks. 

A wall with two guitars hanging from it.

Rock it out (Music Lovers) 

If your young adult is a music lover, there’s no reason why their room shouldn’t reflect that. So, you can go for music-themed decorations, such as wall-mounted guitars or microphones, wall art about music, or even posters of their music icons. Just be careful not to let them go overboard—you don’t want the room to look like a shrine to their favorite singer.

Falsely accused records (Framed)

If they’re a vinyl collector, why not go all the way and frame their favorite records. They make for excellent wall décor. You can even take it a step further by adding some insulation and hanging speaker wires along the wall to listen to their favorite tracks in-house. 

Picture Perfect (Photography Lovers)

If your teen is constantly taking photos with their phone or camera, why not let them put them on the wall? Let them get creative and turn some of their favorite pictures into art. It also makes it easy for them to bring the atmosphere of a different place home—who doesn’t like that? Plus, if you constantly find them posing for photos, it’s a great way to have their pictures on display.

Pictures that have been pegged to a wall.

Mirror on the wall

Add a mirror to the wall for those teens looking for more practicality. It is a great place to stick pictures and drawings while checking out that new outfit they got. However, they should be careful not to overcrowd the mirror—we wouldn’t want it to look cluttered.

Industrialized teens

If your teen is more into a minimalist style, you may consider going for industrial décor. For example, you can add some metal pipes or an attractive light fixture to give the room a unique look. 

A room with industrial style decor such as a brick wall, concrete floors, metal cupboards.

You can also decorate the wall with faux brick wallpaper and perhaps bring a more rustic feel to the entire room. However, be careful not to go too far with this one—you don’t want the room to feel like a factory. 

Shelves are your friend.

If you’re unsure what to do with your teenager’s bedroom walls, shelves are always a great option. You can put them up anywhere, and they provide a lot of storage space. Plus, they’re perfect for displaying plants, books, or even their favorite collections. 

Shelves on a brick wall.

What’s more, shelves come in all shapes and sizes and can give you any feeling you desire. For example, a black rack on a white wall for a controversial style, wood on brick for a purely rustic aesthetic, and even smooth pine wood shelves on a blue or white wall will give you a beach or vacation vibe. As a side note, be careful that they don’t overcrowd them.

Trig-ger your geometry

If they love shapes, you can have a lot of fun decorating their room. You can go for abstract designs to create a more modern look. Or, you can make the shapes using simple colors for a sophisticated feel. Just be careful not to go overboard—the shapes should only accent the other elements in the room. Try to find the right (90°) balance. 

Raise the mural in the room

If your teenager is more traditionalist, why not go for a mural? Murals allow you to make walls part of the décor. For example, you can use it as an accent wall or even a focal point. As long as you choose a theme that fits the overall décor, all is well. 

A pink wall with a mural painted on it. The mural has flowers and birds.

Stunning Canvases

If you’re not sure what to do with your teens' bedroom walls, you can always go for some canvases. Your teen can choose any theme they want, and the canvas will make a great addition to any room. 

Canvases can bring an entirely different aesthetic to the bedroom, and if they are looking for a change, they can switch them around. It is a quick solution to all your teenagers’ wall décor problems. The canvases also work well with most themes and have various options for all seasons throughout life. 

An example would be the traveling types; here is a canvas of the world

A canvas of the world map with many landmarks.

Another great idea would be a canvas of the countryside, something to bring back simplicity. 

A canvas of an old barn with mountains and dark clouds in the background.

The final food for thought would be this canvas of space, where we have worlds that are yet to discover.

A canvas of earth seen from space

Make your room your own

There are many ways for you to decorate your teen's wall, some are expensive and some affordable, others are expressive, and others are simple. No matter what you do, all that is important is that your teen's room must feel like a haven to escape to. It is their space and needs to express their true self. 

If you need more ideas on how to decorate your rooms, feel free to visit the rest of our blog. If you want more information about our stunning canvases, visit our website here.