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September 24, 2021 4 min read

Whether you’ve just moved to a new place or simply want to refresh your current living room, having blank walls is probably not what you’re striving for. Decorating your walls can not only help bring a breath of fresh air into your home but also make it cozier and highlight your unique personality.

Surrounding yourself with things you appreciate and admire can make you feel more like home, increase your energy levels, boost your productivity, and elevate your mood. Plus, choosing decorations can also be an excellent activity to do with your family or friends. 

Looking to upgrade your living room's interior design but don't know where to start? Check out these best modern wall decor ideas for a living room to get some inspiration and start energizing your living space today!

You Can Never Go Wrong With Photos

Like many of us, you probably also have tons of photos on your phone or camera that have never made it out of the digital format. So, why not use this opportunity to decorate your living room with a collage of unforgettable moments? Here, you can let your imagination fly and pick photos you treasure and are willing to share with your guests. And you can even include shots of places you’d want to visit or things you like. 

Pro tips: ensure you print high-quality photos, choose different sizes of simple frames, and extend them to the ceiling to make an illusion of a larger space.

Show Your Love for Travel With World Map Wall Art

If you’re a travel enthusiast, what can be better than having a world map right in your living room? And not just any world map but a high-quality multi-panel canvas print. It can add that unique touch to your space, remind you who you’re, what you like, and let you “travel” even while sitting on a couch. At Stunning Canvas Prints, we offer a wide selection of world map canvas art you can choose from to turn your interior design dreams into reality.

Go Green

Having plants in your house or apartment will depend on several factors, including available space, how often you’re out of home, and whether you like taking care of them. However, if you like the idea of making your living room greener, you can easily decorate your wall with various vegetation. Now, there’re many different types of plants you can order online or pick up from the nursery that would suit both the amount of light your place provides and your preferences. 

Add Bookshelves

Whether you like to read or not, bookshelves can make your living space very cozy and lovely to spend time in. And having bookshelves doesn’t mean you should necessarily fill them all with books. Instead, it can be your favorite magazines, awards, picture frames, plants, candles, souvenirs, you name it. Plus, they can also work as that extra storage space you’ve been looking for. So if you have enough free space, bookshelves can be a nice addition to the walls in your living room.

Consider Large Wall Art

Now, wall art comes in all imaginable shapes, sizes, and styles. So whether you’re into pop art, music, aviation, landscapes, sandy beaches, black-and-white photos, or flowers, you can find a wall art set that would satisfy your aesthetic preferences and budget. Large-scale canvas wall art can set the tone and add a spark to your home. Just make sure you consider the color scheme of your interior design and measure the available space on the wall correctly before placing an online order to avoid disappointments.

Hang a Mirror

If your space isn’t that big and you’d like to make it look more spacious, hanging mirrors in your living room can help you with this task. Apart from enlarging your living space visually, mirrors also reflect light, making the room brighter. You can go for either one larger mirror or a set of smaller mirrors of different sizes. Your choice will mostly depend on your preferences, available space, and interior design. 

Add an Accent Wall

Again, here you need to rely on your tastes and already preferable outcome. If all walls in your living room are in one color, then you can consider stirring things up by adding one colorful accent wall. This can be a perfect option if you’d like to make your living room pop without hanging up anything on your walls. You can do it either by choosing a bright wallpaper or adding a mural if you know someone who can paint it for you.

Make Things Interesting With a Chalkboard

If you’re a visual learner and remember things better if you see them, then you’d probably like the idea of a giant chalkboard on your wall. You can use it to write motivational quotes, things you have to do, brainstorm ideas, or simply exchange cute messages with your loved ones. Honestly, there are so many ways you can make a chalkboard work for your space that it’s worth experimenting with it.

Mount Your Favorite Object

While this idea might not work for all your favorite objects, there are still a few things you can mount to your wall, and they’ll look cool. It can be your bike, surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, skis, guitar, and more. The advantage of mounting one of these objects is that it can help you save storage space and look fun and unique at the same time. So feel free to think about what’s “hiding” in your closet that can actually make for awesome living room wall decor. 

Consider Removable Wall Art Stickers

If you’re renting a place or prone to changing your mind frequently, then removable wall art will probably be your best option. You can choose from various styles and upgrade your living room walls without drilling them or making any other significant changes. Of course, before buying wall stickers, make sure you can actually get them off the wall later. Better safe than sorry.


At Stunning Canvas Prints, we strive to provide you with awesome canvas prints to transform your rooms and upgrade your living space. Our team proudly manufactures every single piece by hand in our Florida facility with high-quality standards. Don't leave your walls empty. Embellish them with delighting canvas wall art!