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October 21, 2021 4 min read

No one wants to live surrounded by boring, bare walls. If your walls are concrete rather than framed in wood, the process of displaying your favorite pieces of wall art is a little more complicated. That doesn’t mean you should leave canvases in your closet collecting dust! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hang décor on concrete walls for everyone to enjoy.

1. Select the Best Mounting Hardware

First of all, you’ll want to figure out the mounting hardware that’s best for hanging your décor. These are the three methods that work best for concrete walls. While personal preference will play a role in this decision, the weight of what you’re hanging will be the biggest factor. Here are three options to consider. 

  • Adhesive hooks are best if you want to hang lighter pieces of art on a smooth surface. This won’t leave any permanent marks, making them best for rented spaces. While they are easy to install, you’ll have to wait about an hour between installing the hook and hanging your art. 
  • Hardwall hangers are best for decorative items that are no heavier than 25 pounds. Installing these is super-fast!
  • Masonry anchors are the sturdiest hanging option and best for your heaviest pieces of art. Ideally, you should own the property if you’re using masonry anchors to hang wall art since they require drilling a hole in the wall.

2. Prep Your Wall

Before you hang anything on a wall, you want to make sure the surface is as clean as possible. This is especially important if you’re using adhesive hooks. The best way to wash a concrete wall is with rubbing alcohol. Scrub the wall using a rag or paper towel to ensure that there’s no dirt or residue that would prevent your hook from adhering to the wall. If you don’t have rubbing alcohol on hand, you can also wipe it with soapy water.

After the wall is clean, go over it with a fresh rag or paper towel. The wall should be completely dry before you install the mounting hardware.

3. Mark Your Wall

Next, you’ll want to make a mark on the wall in the center of the place where the hook will go. You’ll probably want to do this with a pencil so you don’t permanently mark up the wall. You may need to experiment to find the perfect spot for your art.

If you’re using multiple hooks, the marks should be in the center of the place where each hook will end up. Be sure to measure the distance between where the hangers will go and mark on the wall accordingly. You may want to use two hooks just to be safe if you are hanging a picture that has a wire on the back.

If you are using a masonry anchor, you need to be exceptionally exact since you will be drilling into the wall and, thus, causing permanent damage. You won’t be able to easily change the placement once you start drilling. Even using a wall spackle (putty) and a spackling knife won’t perfectly cover the hole.

4. Install Your Mounting Hardware 

Now, it’s time to install the mounting hardware.

Adhesive Hooks

If you’re using adhesive hooks, you’ll want to peel away the plastic covering and stick the adhesive side to the wall in the spot you marked. Press it there for about 30 seconds so it firmly adheres. Next, allow the adhesive hook to try for 30 minutes to an hour. To make sure it’s really stuck to the wall, you can try hanging a lighter object on the hook first. 

Hardwall Hangers

If your item needs to be hung with a hardwall hanger, you’ll want to place the hanger on the spot you marked with one hand while using the other to hammer the four pins into the wall about halfway. You don’t want to nail them in completely just yet so you can be sure the hanger is still in the right place. If you’ve checked and it is, finish hammering in each nail. Otherwise, you’ll have to remove the hanger and adjust its placement.

Like with an adhesive hook, you’ll want to test out the hardware first with a lighter object to reduce the risk of your heavier item dropping and getting damaged. This will also help you avoid damaging the wall. 

Masonry Hooks

For your heaviest hanging needs, you should be using a masonry hook. However, this is also the most complex method and it will require a masonry drill as well as some bits. Use the drill on the spot you marked the wall with, being careful to drill straight into the wall rather than at a right angle. 

Next, tap the anchors into the hole. You’ll want to keep pushing them into the wall until they are almost perfectly flush with the wall. If you’re struggling to get the anchor into the wall, you can also make the hole a little bigger. You’ll have to use a screw to secure the anchor. You can do this either using a screwdriver or a drill. Again, you will need to stop screwing just barely before the screw is flush with the wall. 

5. Hang Your Wall Art With Pride

After ensuring your hook of choice will support your wall décor, it’s time to finally hang your wall art. Now all that’s left to do is admire the artwork!

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